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EEOC complaint?

So..... I had to file an EEOC complaint because my boss took me off the schedule because was have having a depression problem, not even at work. She didn’t even ask me about medical leave or anything, my bosses know I have adhd which can lead to anxiety and depression. Anyways, she’s took me off the schedule and told me to go get professional medical help and refused to return me to work with a doctors note... insight?? She took me off the schedule for the whole month....? Can they do that? . 

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    Your employer is free to reduce your hours to zero at any time. Their issue is going to be that they apparently did it for a medical reason that wasn't impacting your work. Unless it WAS impacting your work, was it?

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    Of course they can do that. Would you prefer to have been fired for behavioral issues? Or any reason they want. They don't have to tell you why.

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    I don't see where you have an EEOC complaint. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for people with diagnosed disabilities. It does not require them to employ people who can't do the job even with reasonable accommodations. You still haven't said how your employer knew you had depression. Clearly, it must have been affecting your performance. If she can document that, you're not going to get anywhere with a complaint. 

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