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Help on physiology homework?

Pick one of each group that doesn’t belong:

1. mRNA ,tRNA ,lipid ,protein

2. Muscle, nerve ,connective ,epithelial, cell

3. Interphase, growth ,protein, synthesis ,mitosis, S phase

4. Anaphase, interphase ,metaphase, prophase, Telephase

5. Haploid ,diploid ,sperm ,egg ,n-chromosome

6. Collagen, protein, fibers, ground-substance, fluid ,joint

7. Ligaments, collagen, tendons, mesentery, spinal cord

8. Zygote,haploid, diploid, somatic cells, 2n chromosomes

9. Cardiac, skeletal, smooth, Amitotic, mitotic

10. Cartilage, vascular, bone, muscle, mesentery

11. Blast cells, same function, cyte cells, different shape, clast cell

12. Muscle, connective, Erithrocytes, phagocytes, platelets

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