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History Homework?

The “new sexual orthodoxy” that emerged in the 1950s gave rise to 

A) a very narrow definition of what counted as respectable social behavior, based on the ideal of heterosexual marriage. 

B) strict definitions of appropriate behavior for women but few behavioral expectations for men. 

C) a thorough suppression of all sexual matters in popular media. 

D) the physical separation of male and female workers in many factories and offices. 


When U.S. leaders talked about the “loss” of China in this period, they were referring to the 

A. firm establishment of a Communist, rather than West-friendly, government in China. 

B. closing of Chinese markets to western industrial investment opportunities. 

C. inability of international shipping lines and emerging air transport systems to circumvent complex Red Chinese trade regulations. 

D.fact that few Chinese laborers were now willing to take low-wage manufacturing jobs in U.S.-owned factories in Asia. 

 According to the text, Operation Dixie failed partly because 

A) its organizers resorted to the use of intimidation, thus alienating existing labor coalitions. 

B) resistance on the part of the political and industrial leadership of the white South undercut any hope of interracial organization. 

C) many southern white people felt a strong bond across economic and class boundaries, leading to a distaste for any prolabor activism that appeared to highlight class differences. 

D) interracial solidarity of labor's ranks in opposition

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    BJ first........

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    Do your own homework. That's how you learn.

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