Does my bi friend like me?

She’s an affectionate person in general but recently she keeps kissing me on the cheek or hands, she picked me up a few times, texts me randomly saying she loves me. She’s just texted me saying “you’re one of my besties” and then sent a text straight after saying “you’re so lovely and fit” What does she mean? She knows I’m confused about my sexuality so I’d hope she would know better than to lead me on. It’s just so hard to know whether the boundaries are from friends to more than friends as we are comfortable with each other and she hugs everyone and sometimes kisses other friends.

UPDATE: I told her that I like her but she said that she only sees me as a friend. Why is she giving off such strange signals that made it seem like she likes me?


When I saw her after telling her I liked her we hugged when I met (she usually hugs people as a greeting) but then she picked me up and held me for a bit 

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  • reme_1
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Please talk to her and tell her that you've had enough of the mixed signals. Stop the texting, the kissing and all the little signs that she likes to touch you. She can not mess with your head anymore.

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