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What's the correct way to show a bulleted list of items in the Japanese language?

Considering the fact that interpuncts are often used to seperate and idenity foreign words, I'm not sure of the correct way to do this as I want the English translation to be shown alongside the Japanese. Do the Japanese use a symbol other than a bullet point?


・Science Museum (London)

・Science Museum (Miami)

・Science Museum (Minnesota)


・サイエンス・ミュージアム (ロンドン) - Science Museum (London)

・サイエンス・ミュージアム (マイアミ) - Science Museum (Miami)

・サイエンス・ミュージアム (ミネソタ) - Belleville (Minnesota)

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  • Ben
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    8 months ago

    The Japanese use the same bullet points we do.

    In hand-written form they sometimes use a small circle instead (essentially a "hollow" bullet point), but I don't think there's a unicode symbol for that.

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