Why does my "friend" keep copying me and doing this?

when we eat together she always stares at me suspiciously and have weird facial expressions

when we are in class she will always look at me to see my reaction and copy my facial expressions and hand motions! even now she copies my speech at times

during class when the professor is standing in the front center, she will constantly look over at me even though I am focused on the professor. Why does she constantly have to look over at me? She will pay attention to the prof and then quickly turn and stare at me and then jerk her head back and forth between the prof and me. 

I know that she stares at me and when I catch her, she immediately changes the direction of her head and looks away and acts like she wasn't staring at me.

Also, she doesn't talk to anyone else besides me in class. When she walks in with the people she lives with, I have never even seen them talk with her. In fact, she doesn't even talk to anyone in class unless she needs someone to watch her stuff when she uses restroom.

I confronted her about how uncomfortable I was and she said she doesn't even realize that she does this. However, I don't believe it because she literally looks at me and then copies me right after: I put my keychain into my right pocket and let the string hang down. I saw her immediately do the same. 

When she is walking with someone she always trails behind the other person. 

Does she really not know what she is doing or is she just lying to me to mess with me? Any advice? 

1 Answer

  • Linda
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    A friend who copies your every word and gesture is a bit intimidating. Your friend sounds creepy. She seems obsessed with you for some reason. It's like she is jealous of how the professor treats you and she may think he has a thing for you. She doesn't want you to know that she is doing this and so she turns away. She just talking to you is unusual unless she is extremely introverted and can't reach out to others. Who does she live with? And do you know for sure that they aren't close? She sounds real insecure though. I think she is aware that she is doing this but she doesn't want to admit this to you for fear you won't want to hang out with her anymore. She does seem to want to be you. And she seems to think you are everything that she could never be. She must have a low self image, which is very sad. I think she doesn't want to tell you because she thinks so highly of you she is afraid you'll never talk to her again. My advice is to try to get other people to like her by introducing her to them. Maybe have a few girls over and invite her too so she can get to meet other people and you could help her come out of her shell? I think once she comes out of her shell and starts liking herself she will stop doing this. So help her if you can and instead of getting irritated, feel honored that she thinks so highly of you.

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