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Is my relationship unhealthy? Who is in the wrong? I’ve lost myself.. i question myself.. do i seem like a narc? She thinks i am?

My girlfriend had me on FaceTime while she was at work and i was sleep. Apparently while i was sleep i started moaning.

I vividly remember this and the fact that she said something rude and hung up on me. 

I didn’t remember what she said but i remembered the energy so i texted her “?”.

I knocked out after that and woke up to a text saying “i said Cheat in peace then i hung up on you”..

Today’s my day off but was gonna go in work, i sell cars.. but i changed my mind as soon as i pulled off and went back home.. plus the customer wasn’t coming in until hours later which he ended up canceling his appointment.. my gf told me i was suspect for driving off then turning around.

Later she send me screen shots of two weeks of work because her managers messed with her hours. I stopped what i was doing to figure out what part they changed. When she called me, my phone was on 1% and i ran to my room saying “my phone is on 1% about to die!!! Ahhhdh” but apparently she didn’t hear that.. when i called when phone turned on she was screaming at me asking why i was moaning in the phone and hung up.. and how all of this is my fault.. and she doesn’t believe me.. we argued then the conversation ended because she heart that i was eating.. I’m assuming that i shouldn’t eat while I’m getting yelled at for trying to explain that I’m not cheating.. keep in mind i was with her last night when i got off work (30 ‘min late), i drove hour to see her and spend the night. Took her to work at 3am then home.

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    You could have stopped at "my girlfriend had me on FaceTime" while she was supposed to be working. You two are WAY too wrapped in the drama and probably need to take a break to grow up a little bit.

  • 8 months ago

    Has the use of the word, "narc", changed greatly of late? It used to mean either a narcotic's officer or someone who carried tales that would harm the perpetrator. Are you in the pay of the cops and in cahoots to bring down drug dealers? Are you ratfinking out your friends to their harm or demise?

    Your girlfriend doesn't trust you or believe you. That seems clear. You don't explain why she might think you a "narc" though. No clue.

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