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Mom keeps starting problems with me? ?

I’m one out of six for starters. I’m the oldest girl also but anyways, ever since I turned 16 (I’m 18 now) my mom been starting A LOT of problems. I mean back then it wasn’t that bad but I just started to get tired of her cursing me out for nothing. I help raise my brothers and sisters since I was 12 years old.. she never picks at them the way she picks at me. As I grew, I started defending.. I mean what else would you do if your parent calls you out of your name? Threatens to beat you up like " a female in the streets " or lies to family and friends about not helping ? Just recently she got in my face talking about how she’ll whoop my a** all because I told my sister to get out of my jacket... she didn’t ask to wear it. Also every time I go into my room to cool off, she starts saying remarks and stuff about me.. what do I do? I don’t wanna fight her but it’s getting too far. I’m trying to move out but she hasn’t even took me to get my license or id.

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    So sorry to read your post. You learned at a young age that there is no one except yourself that you can rely on. You need to be more resourceful. Don't wait for your mother to bring you to get your license or id. FIND A WAY to get yourself there and back. Do you have a job? Are you still in school?

    You're a strong person; you need to stand up on your own two feet. Once you do this, find a way to move out and start your life.

    My concern is for your siblings. You said you have been taking care of them since you were 12 years old. What will happen to them once you leave? Please maintain close relationships with your siblings; make sure they have someone to go to, in case your mother turns her toxic behavior on them.

    Best wishes.

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    Get a job, start saving money to move out at 18

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    maybe you should try harder to move out

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    You may think you can't "just do nothing." But you can. 

    A life with less drama is a more pleasant life.

    It takes two to have a scene. If other people choose to have scenes, let them. You can opt out of participating.

    Rising to the bait is a choice. Don't go after the bait and you won't get hooked into all that negativity.

    Blessed are the peacemakers. They don't literally get the earth, but they do feel like they're sitting on top of the world. 

    Good luck with the newer, calmer, happier you. I'm not saying change will be easy, only saying you can do it. 

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