Where to get A-Frame Cabin plans?

Want to find plans for a 20X40ft. a-frame cabin to build. Pre-fab models are too expensive for my budget. Have found plans for different sized cabins; just want to know the dimensions/quantities of lumber or other materials to buy. Would it be best to talk to an architect, and how much would it cost approximately to get building plans?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    You really need to rethink the A frame. The usable space is poor for the amount of structure. You would do much better to find yourself a used prefab or a used house and have it located on your property, Like a used car vs. a new car. My guess is that if you talk to a prefab builder, they have used homes or demos that they can sell. You also need to get the pricing for all of the services to support your house. In the country, that is a sizable expense.

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