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I’m 22 and stuck :(?

It hard for me to pick the best route for my life I don’t want to fail and it feels like I’m failing.. I want to go back to school I just don’t know if it’s the best option.. I would love to be a actress my my social media account gets some views but not enough. I want to start my own business but if I don’t have the support from my city to help promote it makes it harder. I just want to be successful I have no kid a lot of my friend that do have kids have they own place n maybe even a car.. I feel like I’m all over the place.

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    don't underestimate yourself but you aren't all over the place. keep it easy. you need to first understand what you wanna do is.. actress or model xyz. now.. college sometimes plays important role in meeting different kind of people from different horizons and different category of advertising and business professional. You can go back to school that will not hurt you to be being a model or actress. infact it will give more options what way you should reach your destination. i am talking in a correct manner. do not take ccouch way. life is not meant for that. social media like twit play a golden role in today's generation till next 5 decades unless something else comes in mid. you can also start you business, you college will give you an IDentification to go in bank and different places. without "classic identification every one will take you as "one of everyone" like I am not talkign about DL or College Student ID. But college gives you base to appear yourself infront of people. "hey, she is from this college.. etccc etc... all these play important role. hope you get you aiming for. its a tough road ahead. if you fall out, wake up next morning do all over again.. don't be hesitate nor reluctant but be. Confident

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    I cant get a single customer craigslist dead fb account disabled.

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    Well if your expecting support to start a business your going to fail at that.  Successful Entrepreneurs are hyper driven to make their business work, many reporting they work 70 to 90 hours a week on it.  Your never going to be successful without hustle and focus. 

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    To be honest, it sounds as if you are waiting for someone else to do something rather than doing it yourself.  Actors and Actresses became successful long before social media, so having media support has only a minor affect. For every successful actor/actress out there, you will find hundreds of only barely successful ones - not due to less social media, but mainly due to the fact that they just aren't that good.

    As for a business, businesses come and go, it depends little on the city to support you. What makes a business grow and do well is the passion with which you go about running it.  And stop comparing yourself to your peers.  What they do has noting to do with YOU.  

    What you need is a passion. A fire, a need, a want to do something that makes you feel good and directs your path to you. And that passion has nothing to do with Social Media support or support from the city.  Find your passion and light the fire.  Once you get that fire lit, nothing will stop you. 

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    Get a job, sheesh.

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