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Best shoes to wear for Muay Thai? ?

I know that MT is a barefoot martial art, but I wanted to know if there is any outdoor martial art shoe specifically for pivoting on the ball of my foot? I train 3 times a week and when I’m not training, I’m in the gym or at work. But some days I take a nice break and go out to eat or go for a jog near a beach and a lot of the guys at the beach get drunk and like to fight randomly. Like literally pick fights with anyone they see. If I just so happen to get in a fight I want a shoe I can wear while having to kick them... 

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  • Steel
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    9 months ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with all that Bon has stated.

    Just to add my two cents, when I practice, my "martial arts shoes" are simply my old tennis shoes/sneakers that are worn down enough that I prefer to not wear them to work, usually Converse or Vans, which work exceptionally well for training due to their flexibility, comfort, and flat sole. Essentially, skater shoes work well. Due to the fact I regularly wear these types of shoes for both regular everyday occurrences along with training, there would be no difference in sensation should I need to defend myself. Bon addresses this in his second paragraph, but I just wanted to expand a bit with personal anecdote.

    As an aside, if you know there could be trouble at certain locations, I'd be inclined to avoid those places - unless you have something to prove or could not avoid them otherwise. The beach is a pretty big place; I'm sure you could find a place devoid of "no-goodniks".

  • Imp
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    9 months ago

    Something light and flexible, try some different Nike shoes to see!

  • Bon
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    9 months ago

    If you are training for self-defense, you should train wearing shoes. The weight and mass of the shoes affects your balance and speed. You'll going to find out that the techniques you practice barefooted are going to feel a little off because shoes can impede or restrict the movement of your toes, feet, ankles and lower leg.

    With that being said, it does not make sense to wear special shoes made specifically for martial art for the simple reason that you are not going to be wearing them on the street. I prefer to wear casual regular shoes that have decent traction, some level of support without being too restrictive and protects the toes, and practice in them. I avoid wearing shoe with leather soles because not only do they have zero traction, but also uncomfortable and costs more.

    Train like you fight, and fight like you train also means paying attention to the clothes your wear because just as shoes affects your foot and balance, so can clothing that are too binding.

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