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An random OTP court date for inmate in custody? ?

My boyfriend has been in custody for over a month now. He violated his probation and thrown out of vet court to jail. His sentence was for a year, but 6 months and they counted time. Released around March. All of a sudden a new court date appeared with OTP on the same case it says no charge. What does this mean? Might I add he has been working in their since he got locked up and has got promoted twice. Can anyway help with any idea what this may mean. I know it means order to produce. But considering his charge, F, C. He was in the vet program for a year before violating by lying about his address. Thanks ! 


He’s still in jail! Sorry for the typos! He has not been informed about this court date at all it appeared out of nowhere and I saw it while booking a visit.

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  • 8 months ago

    It means you are MISREADING several unrelated documents to create an incoherent stream of consciousness rant

  • 8 months ago

    Vet court for a veterinarian? It means you don't care to communicate.

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