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Law q occupier liability?

Celia, who is five years old, attends The Rainbow Primary School. During a period of free play

in the garden, Celia slipped away from her teacher, Sharine. Celia wandered off, crossing the

infant and then the junior school field and climbing a very small fence to enter a restricted

area where she fell down a set of broken and disused steps to a disused building which were

slippery and half collapsed. She was unable to read the sign, which read ‘DANGER: REPAIRS

UNDERWAY’. Celia suffered a minor head injury and broke her arm. Her toy bear, Shaggy,

was broken.

Raymond, a part time teaching assistant who was on his way home, walked past the area of

the incident around 5 minutes after Celia fell. He saw Celia lying on the ground and crying.

He ran to help her, jumping over the fence before tripping on a tree root. The root had been

reported as dangerous to the School by the construction workers working to repair the

disused building a week prior. He broke his ankle.

Advise Celia and Raymond of any claims under the tort of occupier’s liability

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    There are so many IMPOSSIBILITIES in your ABSURD hypothetical that it doesn't raise to the level of not being worth analyzing.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Without knowing WHERE this is impossible to answer.  This isn't US Federal Law, and it's not International Law.  I'm trying to figure where "disused" is a common word.  This makes no sense - "disused building which were slippery and half collapsed." The disused building was slippery and half collapsed?


    It's obviously a cut and paste question.  If so, the original question is flawed.  Her toy was broken?  That's important?

    I have two suggestions:Post questions in English AND do your own homework.  The answer based on the law where I live is useless to you.

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