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Am I having a miscarriage? ?

I had sex about two and a half weeks ago. We used a condom, but I am not on birth control. I got what I thought was my period when I expected I would, but now I’ve been bleeding for 11 days. I usually have my period for 6 days, and it was a little lighter than usual. However, the past few days it’s been really heavy with blood clots. Could I be having a miscarriage? (No other symptoms for the most part) 

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    A miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) is the loss of a fetus from natural causes before the 20 th week of  pregnancy .Before a miscarriage, a woman usually has spotting or more obvious bleeding and a discharge from the vagina. The uterus contracts, causing cramps. If the miscarriage continues, the bleeding discharge, and cramps become more severe. Eventually, part or all of the contents of the uterus may be expelled.

    About 20-30 % of women have some bleeding or cramps at least once during there first 20 weeks of pregnancyAND about half result in miscarriages.

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    I will add, a preg test may help you make that determination, they stay positive for awhile, but you need to call your gyn, they need to make sure the uterus is completely empty

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    It could be almost anything.  Recent studies show condoms are effective about 82% of the time.  I don't like those odds.

    Again, it could be anything.  Worried?  Make an appointment with your Gynecologist.

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