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Could this work as copy right?

Suppose a person has a movie trailer idea but gets a freelance writer from Fiverr to create and develop it. If they had also sent an email to themselves about the movie trailer idea, and the freelance artist or whoever tries to make money off of the idea themselves, couldn’t it still be considered copy written if it’s proven by the email that it was originally the first person’s idea?

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    Suppose a person has a movie trailer idea

    NOT POSSIBLE. The trailer is a selection of scenes from the actual movie that is used to advertise the movie.

    gets a freelance writer from Fiverr to create and develop it.

    People don't take jobs 10th that big on Fiverr.

    Short answer, your scenario isn't even REMOTELY feasible.

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    The email doesn't "prove" anything. You need the testimony of a person to do that. Better is to have a trustworthy friend view the video, and sign & date the script.

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    Not necessarily because people can fake when the email was sent. I’ve received email from spammers that were dated from 2049 (it’s so that their email is always at the top since newest emails are listed first). I’ve also had emails that was from a spammer but their email address was from someone I know. 

    The best way to copyright your idea is to do it at the copyright office. If you can’t afford the fee, you can write the script and snail mail it to yourself but don’t open it. 

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    Of course if you were going to do that you'd have contracts in place....

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