What happens if a persons sun sign Is the same as the other persons moon sign ? Will there be a strong relationship?

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  • Janet
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    8 months ago
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    Not because of the Sign.

    IF one person's Sun is within 8 degrees of the other person's Moon, there is an interaction.  In this case, a "synastry conjunction".  But not necessarily a significant or lasting relationship.

    And you don't need them in the same Sign .. Say one person has their Sun at 28 degrees of Aries ... any planet between 22 Aries and 6 Taurus (sort of like being at 36 Aries, as far as distance goes) WILL strongly interact with that person's Sun. 

    But what makes significant and lasting relationships is when one person's Ascendant or Descendant is conjunct the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. Without this, the relationship likely either doesn't start, or it doesn't last ... 2 years at the longest.

    Since the Ascendant (and Descendant) moves 1 degree of distance through through the Signs in just 4 minutes of time, you MUST have a very accurate birthtime to calculate the exact birthchart ... for both people.

  • 8 months ago

    Not necessarily because astrology is pseudoscience. The planets and stars have no power over you nor do they rule you. They are part of creation just like you. 

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