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Would we like school if it wasn't for the way kids/teens act in them?

All the way from 4th grade to college, the kids/teens/young adults are so annoying. All in cliques and groups. The constant bullying of loners and ridicule. I don't know why people say college is more mature, I witness lots of bullying and ridicule in college. I've had both guys and girls making fun of everything on me, from the way I walk, to how skinny I am. Middle had to be the worst, that has to be the time boys are hitting puberty. They were such jerks and the girls not any nicer. If schools had only mature people who weren't superficial and didn't bullying, would anyone like school at all. 

Bad grammar, I wasn't naturally American .

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  • edward
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    8 months ago

    I did like school, i was popular from kindergarten all the way through and including university. I’m popular at work today. Not to say everyone likes me, some people just don’t get along but everyone knows of me even if they don’t know what i look like.

  • 8 months ago

    Maybe....I guess so?

  • 8 months ago

    Yes. Public schools could definitely be run better. The reason kids act soo badly is partly due to having nobody around to parent or watch them closely. Kids are sent to school to learn, but it lasts all day cause they are basically being babysat by people who aren't allowed to give consequences, soo the kids are forced to be "independent" wich means they'll act imature and know they can get away with stuff. Sure some adults are around the kids, and they can give them certain punishments, but often they are told they can't tell a kid not to do something, such as throwing a milk carton on the floor and stomping on it, or just being loud in general. If more adults could supervise, and even be allowed to teach the kids manners and rules, they'd have to act better. I've seen examples where it works well with groups of homeschool kids, but it has to be people who are focused on "parenting" them, if the parents are lazy it will not work.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Sounds like you do not get out much. There are cliques, groups, bullying and so on in the workplace, church other places. It does not end once you finish school.

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