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Is it normal for my feet to feel numb/pins and needles when I’m cold? ?

I live In south Florida so it’s not like

It gets “cold” here. But the past year I’ve noticed my feet especially my toes get that weird numbing/pins and needles when I get Cold. It’s happened at the grocery store, in the airport (I’m a flight attendant) at the beach during a “cold front”. Walking my dog. The list goes on. I thought this was normal until I was Chatting with friends and brought it up and they told me they were fine and they’re feet weren’t numb. Also I went To the beach during a cold front with my boyfriend and his friend to take pictures of them surfing. A friend of ours came out of the water and told me “your lips are blue, are you ok? It’s chilly but not THAT cold” they were In the water for hours. I was Giving my toenails a break and stopped using nail polish because I had An issue with my big toe nail and it almost grown out so I noticed My toes were turning blue after walking my dog for 5-10 mins in 64 degree weather. Sorry if this is long just trying to give as much detail as I can! I thought This was normal but I’m realizing it probably isn’t. Pic below after walking my dog. I’m not pressing my toes down in the pic at all.  One of my toes had blood flow! Lol thanks for any advice 

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    What was the actual outside temperature each time? That makes a big difference.

    If it's your circulation when it's only around 60 degrees, check with a doctor on this if your skin is turning blue, something is wrong with your circulation, you may have an artery blockage happening.

  • Carmen
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    It’s never normal for anything to go numb and stay that way for too long and keep happening be wise see the danger and protect yourself ASAP knowledge is power .

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    12 months ago

    You need to get it checked out, seems to be a blood circulation problem.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Yes it is quite normal

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