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Does Anyone Else with Sensory Processing Disorder Hate Writing on Paper?

I have both ADHD and SPD, so I do not know what is causing this. Writing on paper for extended periods of time always (and I mean always) results in my body becoming uncontrollably itchy. It hurts and makes focusing in class almost impossible as I'm in constant physical agony. There is no real skin condition that I have, it's just in my head, but due to Sensory Processing Disorder I literally feel as if my entire body is extremely itchy. I think it's a result of being overstimulated. Does anybody else get this?

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    i don't get it with paper, but having ADHD i KNOW that feeling well. i can't wear denim, not pants, not jackets, because it's the same kind of alarm bells and short circuiting! ugh!

    some grades of paper are smoother than others-- if accommodations involving technology are unavailable, check out an office/crafts supply store. there is some very smooth paper out there, and you can feed it through the printer to put lines on it or even a picture of loose leaf.

    fingerless gloves could also be an option, or a wrist brace that covers where your hand touches the page.

    stay strong!! advocate for your needs!!!

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    8 months ago

    Hi. I have ASD, ADHD, SPD... I don't have a problem with paper but I understand the physical and mental pain that SPD causes. If you're in education then you have the right to reasonable adjustments/accommodations to prevent this happening. What you make you more comfortable, using a laptop and/or a white board? If you're under 18 speak to your parents about sorting this out, if you're an adult just tell people that's what you're doing and do it.

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