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Android app that lets me and my friends create and exchange a fake virtual currency that doesn't have any value?

Something like a cryptocurrency but without security (can even be stored on the phone's memory) and we can create any ammout of it at will (if, for example, everyone that uses the app confirms). We could use it for favors, bets and all kind of stuff. Is there anything like it?

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  • 5 months ago

    Best currency exchange from https://bitly.com/39Th0Rc

  • 8 months ago

       Hi. Probably not, but it'd be pretty simple to just create a graphic file of a currency note (in however many amounts You want to use) & leave a space on it for a from & to watermark + date 7 timestamp  that could be pasted into an email.

       After that it's up to the person taking the currency for something to verify that it's legit, probably by posting it to the group for verifications.

       Although it sounds like something pretty simple to do if You were to use a game coding engine that creates a currency system for games You program.


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