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I got in a car crash because I ran through a red light, but my eyes say otherwise?

Witnesses included saw that I ran through a red light, but what I saw was green (as in literally I was driving through a green light with my vision. My family says I just wasn’t paying attention but I literally saw green and of course I got angry and defensive at first so now I feel like a jackass, but that’s not the issue. Should I get checked out because my family says I didn’t pay attention but I did and ended up seeing the wrong color. I have undiagnosed mental illness and ADHD, high functioning autism, and auditory processing disorder on top of it. I get angry really easily and have a tendency to fly off the handle, which is not good especially if I want to avoid a legal issue (even though the car crash wasn’t serious). Idk what’s wrong with me, my family is unsupportive and just tell me it’s my ADHD but I have a feeling there’s something else going on.

Do any mental health professionals have a advice or have an idea of what is going on?


@LAN I’ve hallucinated before and seen things out of the corner of my on medication that aren’t there for ADHD but it hasn’t subsided. It started when i was in 10th grade and it hasn’t gone away. I’ve been mentally abused before too and suffer from it everyday so clearly I get angry and misinterpret things when I perceive things as threatening. Never mind the fact that everyone gets into a car crash now and then like it isn’t a mistake that everyone gets into. 

Update 2:

I can’t go on medication anymore because the side affects are too much. Nevermind the fact that I’ve been told by professionals that i have a high IQ, almost that of 140 but have disabilities that are dibillitating to the point where it’s hard for me to function everyday without wanting to hole myself up in my room for these very reasons. Yeah I admit I can act stupid just like anyone else can but that doesn’t give you the ammo to be an insensitive jackass.

Update 3:

Nowhere have I mentioned I was right, but that I was concerned about seeing things that aren’t there. I’ve even mentioned and asked people on here what is going mentally with me because I know there’s something not right with me, otherwise I wouldn’t post this question, but I guess reading comprehension is your forte then I should just take your “advice” as gospel.

Update 4:

@Anonymous I was diagnosed since preschool, and I was diagnosed again in middle school.

Update 5:

@formerly_bob Yeah that’s probably, I’m probably just freaked out due to what used to happen on medication and I’ve taken color blindness tests and my vision is fine.

Update 6:

@Anonymous I forgot to also mention that my disabilities are diagnosed. I’ve seen mental health professionals before and they do show signs of mental illness like anxiety, depression, ptsd etc. but I’ve been officially diagnosed.

Update 7:

“Haven’t,” not “have.”

Update 8:

Say “I do show signs.” Sorry I can’t type right now.

Update 9:

@LAN No matter how many times you go on anonymous, everyone knows it’s you. And yes, many people get into car accidents. I am sorry about your sister, but I’m also not that same driver. And this didn’t happen on a freeway or highway either. I was the one who could have died in my situation, the other person barely had their car scraped and was in way better shape compared to me.

Update 10:

Also spelling and punctuation? It’s hard to think straight when your adrenaline is high.

Update 11:

You never gave advice in the first place but instead started insulting me and calling me a burden to society. Some advice.

Update 12:

And I’ve looked at your profile, and you do a really good job at insulting others with mental illness too. You come across as a bitter individual tbh. I understand the grief for your sister but regardless that doesn’t change the fact you can still be a dick. 

Update 13:

Also it is fact. If you don’t believe me, then look up the stats, and if you don’t like the way I’m using this then you can gtfo. It’s not like people don’t use the comment sections as their own person soap boxes anyway. Kind of like what you’re also doing right now.

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    I can relate. And PTSD, which can result from psychopharmacologically induced brain damage as well on top of brain changed resulting from the other issues you’ve dealt with, can cause the kind of irritability, impulsive behavior and inner tension that would cause 

    somebody to go through a red light, let’s say, or make other driving ‘errors’. I  got into an accident with my son in the car when he was younger and it was when I was on psychiatric drugs. I was very recklessly prescribed those drugs in dangerous combinations and dosages by people that weren’t qualified to prescribe them. They basically ruined the quality of my life. I will not take them anymore and have not done so for over two years now. I went to those people because of problems following a very bad divorce, etc., and they ended up giving me problems which made it even more difficult for me to be a father and to live like a human being and enjoy life the way I used to. While I was on those drugs my ability to drive well was seriously compromised resulting in an accident which my son got a concussion. I’ve never forgiven myself. I think a lot of these issues, no...I KNOW a lot of these issues like ADD and PTSD and so on and so forth are actually brain issues. I also know that psych drugs can damage the brain. They damaged mine. Some medications have “akathisia” as a side effect which makes people restless and unable to ever really relax, have insomnia and so forth. They cause an inner restlessness which can literally drive a person ‘crazy’ Ironically. A good example of the “cure being worse than the disease.”

    Frankly, mainstream medicine in the hands of incompetent practitioners is extremely dangerous. It’s record of incompetence and harm and even causing death to people in this country is well known. It is literally the third leading cause of death here. I refuse to take medication anymore because of the damage that it has done to me in the past. It’s hard enough to deal with all these vicissitudes of life, dysfunctional upbringing, nightmare divorce, financial loss,  etc., without having the final coffin nail being driven in by psychiatry and its poisons. Even without drugs your brain function can be altered by trauma and other events. Even chronic depression can atrophy the brain. As far as your experience of seeing things on the periphery of your vision, that can also be a symptom of change in brain function. The brain plays a huge role,  along with other organs, endocrine glands, gut flora , and so on. It’s all interconnected. Psychiatry is (willfully?) ignorant of all this because psychiatrists don’t make money by having you get your thyroid gland tested for example, to see if thyroid issues are at the route of your depression and anxiety or ‘bipolar disorder’ for example, which could very possibly be the case.They only make money giving you an arbitrary diagnosis after spending a very short period of time speakinywith you, so they can prescribe a neurotoxic drug which may give you more problems then you started out with. Many, many more. I can tell you’re intelligent and sincere. You were surrounded by stupidity and ignorance. At this point in my life I’m convinced the only solution is to become one’s own authority and become one’s ‘doctor’, in a sense. If you’ve never read any Emerson or Thoreau in an English lit course in school, maybe check out their writings. They talk about not giving one’s power away to authority figures who tend to be motivated by self-interests and mindless conformity. Our lives are too valuable to be entrusted to such people. 

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    I'll vote for you were not paying attention.

  • 10 months ago

    You can find online color blind tests.  It only takes a minute or two to run the tests.  If you aren't color blind, then the incident occurred from a problem with your perception.  People can literally see what they want to see under certain circumstances.  Not much you can do about perception other than slow down at intersections and look for other clues like which way traffic is flowing and double check the light. 

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    Yes, get checked, whenever your reality conflicts with real reality there can be problems.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Its a shame you will never be anything but a burden to society.

  • LAN
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    10 months ago

    Your family is right, you don't pay attention.   You are also kinda stupid since you believe you are right in spite of the overwhelming evidence that you aren't.

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