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Why do so many atheists feel entitled to celebrate Christmas, a CHRISTIAN Holiday?

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    8 months ago
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    They are very stupid idiot clowns, that is why. You don't see us Christians celebrating atheist holidays, for example April fool's day

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    As a Christian, I would say that what you have said is very disingenuous.  Christmas has so many pagan connotations it's not even worth getting into.  Osiris and many others such as Zoroaster were born on the 25th December.

    Christ is believed by most scholars to have been born in late spring or early summer, not on (irony of ironies!)  "Christmas Day."

    Also, it was easy to celebrate Christmas around roughly the same time as the Roman festival of Saturnalia as a sop to the pagans who wished to keep their traditions whilst phasing in a festival for the Christians - i.e - it was a fix designed to please just about everyone.

    Nevertheless, everyone gets a holiday, nobody owns a date!

  • Jeremy
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    8 months ago

    For the same reasons Christians named one of their biggest celebrations after a pagan fertility goddess (Eostre), with all of the trappings of bunnies and eggs that have nothing to do with what they're actually celebrating.  For the same reasons Christians decorate evergreens, originally a pagan Germanic practice.  Not too many Douglas Firs to be found on the coast of the Dead Sea.

      People enjoy celebrating.  And if a celebration is happening in their area, they'll incorporate the festivities into their own traditions, even if they don't believe in some of the motivations behind it.  So, just as the Christians took elements of Saturnalia and made them Christmas, people take elements of Christmas and make them into their own secular celebrations.

  • 8 months ago

    In the USA, Christmas is a national holiday, recognized by our government.  

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  • 8 months ago

    They see it one chance to gather probably..

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They want pleasure with no work 

  • 8 months ago

    Because we give equal time to Darwin's birthday, February 12.  Do you give equal time to Darwin's birthday?  If not, you shouldn't celebrate Christmas as we atheists do.

  • Christmas is a heathen Holiday? December 25 is Tammuz the sun deity birthday, this is why you heathens go to church on Sunday and worship the son of GOD which GOD doesnt have and never said he did, smmfh!

  • 8 months ago

    The same way Christians feel entitled to rip off other religions and claim it as their own.  Religion is a lie.  Everything in Christianity was stolen from other religions far older by thousands of years. 

  • Babs
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    8 months ago

    For my Dec. 25th holiday, I deck my halls and host a house full of family and friends with lots of food and good cheer. However, I do not celebrate Christmas in any way, shape, or form.

  • Caesar
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    8 months ago

    A CHRISTIAN Holiday that got, not a date, month or year based on any scripture or is even mention of any Christmas in any scripture...

    History mention that Christmas was not observed until about 300 years after Christ’s death. Its origins show that it cannot be traced back to the earliest Christians.

    Sure...Christian... Gee Zeus

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