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Soda Pops/Weight?

I have a very hard addiction to soda pops. (colas soft drinks etc.) And i need to lose weight. I weighed 230 lbs. and i am 5' 8". i stopped drinking soda pops a year ago and i lost a ton of weight and slowly got back to drinking them again and of course slowly went to piggy mode. i don't know if i eat to much, or im not getting the right nutrients. Plus i stopped smoking 5 months ago and i used food as a comfort crutch. I don't exercise like i should, i stay planted on a computer all day long. I do walk 2 miles at night sometimes when i "feel" like it. Basically i'm a couch potato. I understand most of this is no brainier; get off your lazy *** and get a job. Well getting a job is not  the best idea since i draw social security and i couldn't maintain a job well enough to keep one since i do suffer from a mental illness. That might or might not be a good excuse but i'm not work oriented. SOOO, if someone can elaborate some advice from what all i covered, if at all possible, i would appreciate it. Thank you! 

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    You already know exactly why you are overweight. You consume too many calories (many of them empty calories from sugary soda) and you are fairly sedentary. While what you eat/drink has far more bearing on your weight than exercise does, it can still be a BIG bonus to your health, waistline, and mental well being to be active. Whether you get a job or not is irrelevant to the issue here. 

    If you want to lose fat and keep it off, adopt a healthier lifestyle, which would include limiting consumption of foods/beverages that are empty calories, and ensure you aren't consuming more calories than your body needs (even if they are healthy calories). The more active you are, the better for you in general, and the more calories your body will use daily (which will aid in fat loss).

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