Should I get an A.A degree or a bacholar first?

I want to major in psychology. Should I go to Coomunity College for A.A or go an Univeristy/College for a Bachelor?

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    10 months ago
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    You do not need to get an Associate's degree first.  There would be no value in having that degree.  If finances or qualifications are an issue, then you can start at a community college to get some of your general education courses taken care of.  Then you could transfer to a university to finish your Bachelor's degree.  

    But if you don't have a strong reason to start at a community college, then you should go straight to a college or university to get your Bachelor's degree.  It is NOT true that you need a graduate degree to work in the field.  It is true that you need a graduate degree to be licensed and it is true that most Bachelor's-level jobs specifically in psychology are relatively low-paying.  But you can absolutely get a job with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.  Our students have worked as case managers, victims' advocates, program directions, program evaluators, research assistants, data analysts, etc.  Psychology also provides you with a number of skills that can transfer well to other fields - we've also had students who work in sales (pharmaceutical and medical), human resources, and management.  

    If you want to be a therapist, you will need a master's or doctorate, depending on the specific type of work you want to do.  Many of those programs are competitive.  So you would want to get research and community (volunteer) experience while working on your Bachelor's degree so that you will have a stronger application when the time comes. 

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  • 9 months ago

    definitely Coomunity College - and learn how to proof your own work.

  • 10 months ago

    Most people who start their bachelor's at a community college don't actually seek out an associates degree, they just want the 60 or so credit hours of cheap classes that will transfer over to a 4 year university.

    Given how incredibly competitive psychology is (it's one of the most popular majors in the country, which is a bad thing), it might be better to start at a 4 year university. You will need undergrad research and a great networking relationship with your professors early on if you want to stand a chance of getting into grad school.

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    IF you meet all requirements, go straight into a 4-year bachelor's degree program. Psych is a very popular major, and minimum of master's degree, preferably doctorate, is required to have any chance of working within the field. Therefore, competition for admission to grad school is very tough, and you need to be a top student at a top-rated university in the field to have realistic chances of pursuing any career in the field. Do not handicap yourself with a community college history.

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    10 months ago

    You will need a Masters degree to get a job in this field.

    You can start off at a CC and take your general education classes, then transfer to a university to complete your bachelor degree. You will need over a 3.0 gpa to get into a Masters degree program 

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