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The UK economy has been stagnant for years, wages are low, prices too high, personal debt is up so why would anyone vote Tory?

The only thing that's increased is income inequality!


Brexit would worsen stagnation

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    The international banking crisis was a result of deregulation that took place during Thatcher and Raygun's administration.  That coupled with poor oversight saw major financial institutions expose themselves to unsustainable losses.  

    Gordon Brown spearheaded the international strategy to stabilise the financial services industry and staved off a potentially catastrophic systemic failure.  

    The next shock to the economy was DC's decision to risk the Union for the second time to kill off political opposition.  The completely unexpected result and subsequent floundering has negatively impacted the economy.  

    During this time the Tories have run down our public services and national infrastructure, crucially our police, education and health care.  They have ensured the working man and woman took the brunt of austerity and failed to deliver the taxation reform required to ensure the largest users of resources contribute equitably.  

    Neither party leader is particularly popular.  Corybn is for all his faults and principled and dedicated politician.  Boris is a privileged member of elite institutions such as Eton and the Bullingdon club, his career is a patch work of highs and lows, with the lows being multiple sackings for lies and deceit.  

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    Because the alternative is considerably worse. Brexit will be welcome relief from the chains of Europe. 

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    a lot of your bros and sisses in the uK do not want brussels issyuing orders on who gets in lining them up ahead in the que to get services,entitlements as brit citizens,, muslim emigres and the hem and  mayhem they so often inflict on the unarmed,,criticizing them got tommy robinson thrown into the gaol,,brits toss out labour for the next 30 years,they are your death

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    It is matter of personal choice

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    it would be a damn site worse if the socialists where in power.

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    Why, to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming the PM.that's why, and I can't say as I blame em.

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    8 months ago

    Why would anyone vote Labour?

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    The only answer is stupidity, with a helping of right wing media brainwashing.

    The economy is at its worst since 2009 - you know, when the gullible still bleat that Labour is not good with the economy - despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    Oh well, you can’t introduce brain cells where there are none.

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    That's the idea! A mass TRANSFER of wealth from the bottom to the handful at the top!

    Think serfdom! Aka king Louis! Czar Nicholas!

    He who controls the WORTHLESS paper money determines, INFLICTS the lifestyle CHOICES of others! Of NOT having any savings but living hand to month.

    Debt is created out of thin air! But the interest that has to be paid IS REAL SWEAT & TEARS.

    Therefore IT'S essential to get on board those who HAVE to shaft THOSE who don't.

    Those with "assets" i.e. guaranteed Final salary pensions, buy to rent portfolio, shares in the type of companies where Theresa May's husband made a killing by bombing ....keep the wealthy in wealth! Wealth accumulates! 

    Imagine the rules changing so houses reflect the average wage! All those worthless over priced houses back on the market at a FAIR price! No more being allowed to make deductions for x,y,z from rental income! 

    No more tax exemption for selling even 1 house!

    Imagine if Tory Blair had been held to account for his WEAPONS OF invisible MASS DESTRUCTION GARBAGE? CULLING WAR PROFITEERING! NO MORE REFUGEES AS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE in need of "humanitarian intervention" CLAPTRAP !

    NO more squandering money better spent in the country in the community providing essential services!

    FLogging overpriced spurious arms to Saudi Arabia to bomb a dirt poor country, Yemen! Kerching LOOT.

    FLogging arms to Israel.......kerching LOOT.

    Destroying Libya kerching LOOT.

    Nothing like war profiteering to keep those with shares, in these companies, where INCIDENTALLY the tax payer underwrites all export sales, in case the country DOESN'T cough up, from backing Tory!

    If you read John Pilger the games these neo liberalism self serving sycophantic politicians play along with freeloading billionaires who market AUSTERITY, COMPETITION whilst expecting BAIL-INs for bankers i.e. SOCIALIZED LOSSES, PRIVATIZED PROFITS, it soon becomes clear, MONEY is THE objective, the rest of shimsham just a means of ensuring they get their greedy, grasping pincers on it.

    Having sold everything that they could, now only the NHS is left!

    The only thing the masses those WHO died in war actually got through shedding their blood!

    By WHINING, playing the DIVIDE & CONQUER GENERATIONAL GAME, the narrative runs the oldies are eating us out of house and home, and since they have several medical conditions, and technology is prolonging their lives, they need to fend for themselves!

    Strange when the bankers run up GAMBLING DEBT 2008, the WORTHLESS FINANCIAL SYSTEM DIDN'T APOLOGIZE but demanded a rescue! Where IS the point in NOT REFORMING IT?

    It doesn't serve the needs of the country! Only the needs of those laundering money in plain sight!

    If the masters of the universe demand eye popping remuneration it should NOT be footed by the those WHO earn peanuts, have no job security, much less golden parachutes, aloha golden handcuffs just for "poaching" them from another worthless outfit! 

    Relinquish willingly? Why? 

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    Then vote Labour and you'll be living in bliss for a few years due to uncontrolled spending, but when the inevitable ecomonic crash happens, and we face austerity all over again under a Tory government, remember my words.

    If we live beyond our means on credit we will get a rude awakening. That's basic economics that lefties don't appear to grasp. Perhaps it's down to low IQ. 

    Yeah, that's what it is. 

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