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Solvent Evaporation Prediction?

Hi guys, As you can see in the drawing, Cylinder rotates in solvent blend and printing ink mix ( %70ipa + %30 et.acetate). I need converging calculation. So we can dismiss some details.

I advanced on this assumption. Evap= k*L*C where k is mass transfer constant, L is lenght and C is molar concentration.

Assume temp is 25C constant. To calculate Re number how could we make connection  between airflow (m/sn) and cylinder rotating speed (m/sn) because by blending mix, cylinder makes turbulent flow effect on evaporation. (increasing evap.)

I accepted as if rotating speed at 190m/sn is equal to 5,85 m/sn airflow and result approaches to real consumption as operator says. But i dont know if machine runs at different speed, how could i make converging calculation ?

My calculation is Evap (ipa) 1,057 gr/ m.sn and Evap (ethyl.acetate) 3,24 gr/m.sn for 137 cm lenght , 190 m/sn speed, 25 C by thinking tanks contains just ipa or ethyl.ac

Also i wonder if you have creative idea to calculate ?

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