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What if humans evolved into two different species, one fat and one thin?

Lets call them homothinian and homofattus for arguments sake. The homofattus is big and strong but slow and requires lots of food. The homothinian is skinny and weak but fast and doesn't need much sustenance. 

How would these two groups react to each other and their environment? 


What sort of society/civilisation would they build? 

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    If dogs and wolves are anything to go by, speciation would not happen.

    Also, you are mistaken if you think fatter people need more food than thin ones. Having more fat acting as insulation, you need FEWER calories.

    I'm guessing homofattus would try to build a society without stairs and ladders

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    The different human races today can't get along.

    Fat humans would not understand thin humans.

    That leads to fear,  hatred and bigotry...

    Sound familiar....? 


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    We had this with the Australopithecine apes. There was the gracile Australopithecus Africanus and the huge, powerful Australopithecus Robustus.

    The Robustus for all its strength went extinct. Whereas the much weaker Africanus went on to form a link in the chain leading to us.

    We had this again with Neandertalensis and Homosapiens, both having evolved from the precursor Heidelbergensis species. Neanderthals weren't fat, but they were toughened, barrel chested, stocky and had an upper body strength far in excess of any modern human.

    And again, it was the gracile, weakling HomoSapiens who survived and prospered.

    This isn't to say being big and strong doesn't have its uses in nature. But clearly, it's not what is useful to us. Whenever the "brick sh!thouse" path has been taken, it's a dead end, and the less power hungry, nimbler variant wins out.

    I imagine it's the energy demand that clinches it. When the going is good, the strong species has the field advantage. But when the going is not good, and quite often over geological time the going has been really bad, the need to conserve energy overrules all other requirements. 

    So your Fattus species would begin to fall apart the moment they can no longer get 3 square meals a day. It makes them far more vulnerable to environmental change.

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    They would work together using their unique abilities for mutual benefit. 

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