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There is something I want Sunnis to know and their overall general hatred towards Shia is making the world a bad place and creating ISIS?

If Shia is a false doctorine then the 12 Imams and what their legacies would never exist. If you hate Shia and hate the idealogy of Ahlul Bayt then you are automatically a munafiqeen. Each person who hates Shia could be within spectrum of terroristic idealogy that are totally against Islam. The seeds of all problems which include terrorism is linked essentially from the base of hatred towards Shia Muslims. If you study politics you will realize war between USA and Iraq is actually as a result from Sunnis waging war against Shia.

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    As a Muslim you need to follow the Quran and Hadith. You should not make up your own rules. Quran says Allah is one and only God. Muhammad is his messenger. No more Gods or Prophets. So Shia's are committing grave sin. However, that is not my problem and I don't care. I don't live in the Middle East and in my country nobody cares about Sunni/Shia stuff. 

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