I rear-ended someone?

So i rear-ended someone at a red light and I think I barely tapped them because there was no visible damage on my car and there car was already kinda beat up. The couple didnt seem mad, but wouldn't talk or look at me, they talked calmly to the police which im thankful for. The state trooper took my number, id, and insurance and said I was free to go. So what's next? Does my insurance go up? Do I owe this woman money? I've never been in an accident before so... if anyone could explain 

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  • Edna
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    8 months ago

    What you do is, you file a claim with your insurance company and tell them what happened and let them handle everything. They'll tell you everything you need to do. Your insurance company might want to see a copy of the police report. If you don't have a copy, ask the police department for a copy of their report. Because you rear-ended the other car, you're automatically at fault.

    Your insurance company will pay to repair the other car and it will pay to repair your car (less your deductible). Your insurance premium may or may not go up, but it's impossible to say how much it might go up. That's up to your insurance company. 

    If all you're carrying is Liability insurance, your insurance company won't pay to repair YOUR car; it will only pay to repair the other car.  

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You file a report with your insurance carrier, and that company handles things.

  • g
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    8 months ago

    Whatever may or may not happen next is in the hands of your insurance provider.

    Talk to them, they can tell you what you are up against.  That's their job!

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  • May
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    8 months ago

    Contact your insurance company as you are required to do.  They can answer any question you may have.  

    Accident?  Always call the police and always notify your insurance company.... ALWAYS !

    People who won't use their insurance for fear of a rate increase have a screw or three loose.

  • 8 months ago

    Your insurance company will pay for the damage to those spouses

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