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Will call of duty ever do a game on WW1?

They done the Vietnam war,

Plenty of WW2 and future warfare games. But no love for WW1

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    A big maybe. Activsion goes where the money is at. For a while everyone loved ww2 shooter and cod followed that. like medal of honor, Brothers in Arms, Men of War etc

    Then everyone wanted modern shooter such as gta , uncharted, left for dead etc. so cod focused on that

     After that everyone wanted future shooters such as titan fall, advance warfare , warframe etc then cod switched it's focus to future stuff.

    And right now it's mixture of both modern and futuristic shooters.

    Atm there is not a huge market for ww1 well anything not to many people care about ww1 stuff. 

    So since not to many people care for it. Activison has no reason to invest into it.

  • Jo
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    10 months ago

    WW1 would be an incredibly hard setting to do accurately, considering that most of the warfare was fought in trenches with very little in the way of 'excitement'. Didn't stop Battlefield I guess (though they had to alter EVERYTHING!) Frankly, WW1 was a gruesome affair for the soldiers involved that I wouldn't want to see another game try and use it as a basis for action shooter stuff. It feels more disrespectful somehow than it does for a lot of other wars.

  • 10 months ago

    lol.. looks like ther arent too fond of wwi

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