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How can I get a duplicate car title?

I bought a car a few months ago and decided to sell it now but already signed the buyers signature, also can't get in touch with the previous/original owner for a duplicate title, I still have the bill of sale, I need to know how can I apply for a duplicate title what are the fees and how long of a waiting period until arrival? Thanks and also I live in nys

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    You can't sell it, until you pay the sales tax and re-title it into your name.  

    You can order a duplicate title from the DMV, but it will be sent to the owner's name on the FRONT of the title.  You can't sign that duplicate over to someone else, either.  

    It usually takes about 10 to 15 business days to get a duplicate title issued.   But, again, they won't mail it to you.  They'll mail it to the legal, titled owner.  

  • zipper
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    8 months ago

    You go to Motor Vehicle with the damaged title, and they will issue you a new title. There is no such thing as a duplicity title, they will issue you a new title. That cost depends on the state your in. It is usually under thirty bucks!

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Because you apparently never registered it, you can't.  The prior owner probably can but why should he bother?

    You could get a bonded title as a last resort.

  • g
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    8 months ago

    You don't need a dup title, Keen, you need to transfer the signed over title you received from the seller into your name.  


    That is how vehicle ownership changes hands.

    Once you do so your can sell, trade or gift the vehicle whenever you wish. 

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    You complete the transaction, pay the fees and tax, wait for a new title to arrive in the mail with YOUR name on it, THEN you can sell the car.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    "I bought a car a few months ago and decided to sell it now but already signed the buyers signature"...yeah that is what you are suppose to do because YOU own the car, not the previous owner.  You are making up a NEW CAR TITLE with you being the Seller .  Previous owner is out of the picture as of a few months ago.  You are now the Owner.  Bill of sale just is useful until you get the car home.  The previous owner could not send out the cops after you saying "You stole the car" because you have the bill of sale.   Now a couple months go by, the BoS is irrelevant.  You are making a new Title transfer (this is called "Transfer Papers".  You are the Seller so your name goes on there plus the VIN of the car and the make, year, of the car and the Buyer now gets this as you Transferred ownership to the buyer.  A BoS is a receipt you give the buyer as he hands you his cash.

    A Transfer paper can be got at any place that sells car insurance or DMV.  It is a government form. as they follow the life of the car from the day it is produced until it ends up in the junk yard.  This is the paper trail government LOVES paper.

    This has ALWAYS BEEN THE WAY IT WORKS.  The government follows the VIN#. not you.

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    You have to get the title (only) in your name, pay the sales tax and then sign over the new title to the buyer. NYS will only issue a duplicate title to the current owner (not you). You are attempting to flip the title without your name on it which is illegal in all states. This applies to buying and selling so a savvy buyer won't buy it from you without your name on it anyway.

  • Snezzy
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    A precise answer depends on how things are done in your own state, province, country or planet. The usual methods, which you have likely not followed, are these:

    1. Buy a car. 

    2. Go through your state's procedure to get a title. If you borrowed money to get the car, the lienholder probably has the title.

    3. Keep the title in a safe place. Do not write on it.

    4. Decide to sell the car.

    5. Find the title, or pay the loan and get the title from the lienholder.

    6. Don't write on the title.

    7. Go with your buyer to a place such as a bank, insurance agency or auto dealer where there is a Notary Public. You and buyer should have your ID with you.

    8. Follow the notary's instructions on who signs what and how.

    If you have lost the title, or if you mistakenly wrote on it, apply to the motor vehicle registry office (DMV) for a replacement title. When you get the new title, don't write on it.

    If you never had a title originally, consult with the DMV for what you'll now have to do.

    That's the general info. Things may be slightly different on your planet.

  • May
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    8 months ago

    Are you listed as the owner on the title?  If you are, simply go to your DMV and pay to get a replacement title

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