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are premolar adult tooth extraction for teeth safe?

I need to get 3 adult teeth removed from my mouth for braces (4 altogether but

 ones a baby tooth with no root) Is this common and safe? I wasn’t afraid of this until I saw people saying their whole face sunk in and changed after extracting teeth? also that they developed something called TMJ? can someone who’s educated in this please help me. Are these effects common? Is me getting my premolars extracted even safe? I need reassurance and I don’t wanna make the wrong decision but i really want straight teeth, they are my biggest insecurity and i have extreme overcrowding in my mouth. I cant not extract these teeth either, I have no choice. 

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  • Tavy
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    8 months ago
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    This sunken face info is rubbish, I keep seeing it on here. I worked for a UK dentist and it is nonsense. Your jawbone shapes your face and it is not damaged by having teeth removed. The root of the tooth is in the jaw and it heals over when removed.

    My Grandsons  are having this treatment and their faces are the same. TMJ is a problem with the hinges of the jaw, nothing to do with having teeth out.

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