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Employer terminated benefits without notice?

I was employed full time and received benefits but after a year I decided to become part time as I went back to school. I was still paying into my health and dental benefits as well as life insurance for the past 10 months. All of a sudden I received a letter recently saying that as of September my benefits were terminated. Is there anything I can do about this? As a part timer the quota is 25 hours a week and I missed it by about 100 hours.

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    Have you used the benefits since Sept?

    If not, just ask for your money back.  Purchase coverage effective 1/1/2020 (in most states you have until the 15th).

    If you want coverage for this period, either take the cobra or purchase via a special enrollment period.  This will go retroactive since you just received notice.

    Also, make sure your employer pays you back for the overpayment

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    One of the remedies which are available to you is to send a legal notice- to the employer challenging the validity of this termination of benefits. Most probably they would reply and state the exact legal grounds on which the action was taken by them. Knowing the grounds, you can prepare a case against them and ask the matter either to be settled in court or outside.   

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    This happens, but if you were paying into the program go talk to Human resources, they may be able to advise you about this issue. Most likely your Screwed!

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    Yes.  Ask them to reimburse you your premiums that you've paid since August.  Hopefully they didn't pay OUT any benefits or you would owe those as well.

    Usually they don't have to notify a person about benefits being terminated because most people would know this if they read the company's rules.  In other words MOST employees would know that certain benefits are only available to people who work a certain # of hours each week or month or pay period - whatever.

    I'm surprised that you didn't know this; you should have asked about it.

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    If you qualify for COBRA, then you have the option to pay to continue the benefits, but it might be cheaper to get insurance on your own.

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    < As a part timer the quota is 25 hours a week and I missed it by about 100 hours. >


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