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Is there a way to get sample contacts online?


Short story: I need contacts NOW and can't wait for custom contacts to be made. 

Long story: My bag with my contacts case was stolen from my break room back on 10/4. I had an eye exam on 10/10 and they gave me 1 sample pair of contacts (to be worn 30 days) and made me wait 8 weeks for a trial pair. They wouldn't let me order actual contacts until I wore the trial pair for 1 week. I just ordered them, so I have another 8 weeks until I get them. They will not give me more samples. What can I do??

Update 2:

To clarify, I have no contacts except the trial pair. The sample pair ripped. I have 8 more weeks to go with this one single pair. I. AM. DESPERATE.

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  • 10 months ago

    Your doctor has better access to trail lenses than you do. Ask for another pair. I'm not sure what the distinction between sample and trial is that you are making. The one that makes the most sense is that you wear a power that is not readily available and the doctor had a pair custom made for you. Possibly you wore the closest power that was available in his office as a "sample pair". He should have these in his office or should be able to get them very quickly. If it's going to take eight weeks for the lenses to get to your doctor, its going to take more than that through another channel. Sk your doctor for another pair like the first ones that he gave you.

  • 10 months ago

    See an eye doctor

    They will give you a sample at the visit

  • Laura
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    10 months ago

    Contact another optometrist about ordering contacts.  You should be able to order them because you have the prescription.  The prescription is a part of your medical records and cannot be withheld from you. 

    You can also get contacts online directly.

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