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Was I wrong for getting upset at my college professor and sending an email expressing my concern?

I'm paying $2,700 per college class. I'm taking a computer class with a professor who does not know what she is doing. She uses the smartboard to show us how to use a spreadsheet and then stop in the middle saying that she continue on the next class, even though there are still 2 hours left, but never does. One time she was going over PowerPoint and stopped when it was time to add a video to the slide. She said: "I'll go over this next week". However we needed to add a video for homework, so I asked her to please do it during class specially because we were expected to do it for HW. She didn't know how to do it. During the entire semester, we only attended class 5 times because she always cancelled. The last assignment is to do a digital portfolio. We still have 2 weeks of class but she sent us a 7 page directions yesterday Sunday on how to do the portfolio and stated that is due in a week. I sent an email stating that based on the schedule the last class is December 17, yet she sent us that email December 8. I asked that if she was considering cancelling the class, I would like to meet regarding this assignment because she cannot be sending 7 pages with procedures and expect people to learn like this. I didn't say it like that but I told her that I need her assisstance because I am visual learner and reading directions from a paper is not enough for me. I'm frustrated because I paid so much money for this class and the school hired such an incopetent professor. 

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    I guess I was lucky.   I did a math degree and it was very unpopular in those days leading to most classes having very low numbers, about 2-3 or so, even one (Methods of Mathematical Economics) where I was the only student.   I got to now my professors very well.   Every time I ran into problems, and it is the nature of things they will come up from time too time, I would simply have a chat to my professor.   Now I would say you are not in my lucky position, but the answer I think is the same - make an appointment with your professor.   If they will not make time, fob you of, or similar things, keep trying.   If you have tried your hardest, then unfortunately I think you have to go over their head and see the department head.   Its terrible it comes to that, but keep evidence how you tried  and tried but got nowhere.

    Similar things sometimes happens even in the work environment, and even my boss's boss would promise they would do something about it, but never did.   When I got a new boss they fixed it up, and chatted to her boss about what was going on.   He said he new nothing about it - which was a downright untruth.   My new boss told me about it and when I told her of course I saw him about it, and he promised me all sorts of things, but never did them.   She just gave a sigh -  and said he is playing political games.   At the time I didn't really understand it, but these days I have a better perspective.   It's the way some people handle issues and is something everyone needs to know about.   But be very careful doing anything about it - usually it goes away (the person concerned left) - but people like this are very adept at playing such 'games'.ThanksBill

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    A lot of that stuff you can easily learn yourself using Google, Youtube, etc.  I'm not excusing her lack of knowledge but that doesn't mean that you don't just sit there like a rock.

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    What is the name of this class? What is it supposed to be about? Now, I think you're right about the cancelled classes and ending the semester early. This is something students can discuss with the department chair. HOWEVER, I have to point out that my generation thought your generation was going to be full of computer whizzes. I haven't had any courses, but taught myself how to use spreadsheets, how to embed videos in PowerPoint, and how to do a digital portfolio. It's been a shock to me and many others that your age group has grown up knowing how to do everything on your phones, and almost nothing on a computer.  For visual learners, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube that will show you how to do what you need to do. That doesn't mean that I don't think you should complain to the Chair about the cancelled classes. But you CAN take some initiative to learn things on your own. Once you're out of college, you'll be constantly learning new things. 

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