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Things change?

My best friend and I use to talk a lot but I would always be the one messaging her more than she does me. But lately we just don’t talk a lot like we use to. Every since she got married she don’t talk much to me anymore I feel things change and I feel like our friendship isn’t the same anymore I’m single and I feel like a third wheel friend just about all of my friends I’m surrounded by are engaged or married I feel like I just can’t relate to them anymore. idk I feel now we only will talk a lot more if I get a boyfriend or something I don’t I just feel like things aren’t the same and she changed. I don’t know I think I should just remove myself and find new and genuine friends.

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  • Foofa
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    One wonders what you thought would happen once she was married and wanting to spend all her free time with her spouse. Of course the friendship isn't the same. Just wait until she has a baby and has virtually no time at all. This doesn't mean she wasn't a "genuine friend". It's just that people grow and change and if you don't grow and change with them you'll grow apart. That's just life.

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    Your long time friends getting married and changing focus in their lives does not, in any way, mean that they are not "genuine friends". Requiring that you remain first or very high up on your friends priority lists suggests that you might not be able to maintain lifelong friends. Lifelong friendships need change with the times and the demands of people's lives. Your best friend 5 years ago could be your best friend in another 10 years even if she's not able to be your best friend while she's adjusting to marriage and babies and nursing. If you love your friends, understand this. If you don't really love them but require people who will always put you first.. .back to shopping!

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    Uh, yeah - you ARE NOT as important as a friend's spouse?! :-o

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    shes probably too busy since she got married

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