my windows 10 thru auto save put a word document into my documents as "internet shortcut" I want this file to be a word document?


every time i r click on internet shortcut  it takes me thru the microsoft sign in

1 Answer

  • Lv 7
    8 months ago

    internet shortcut is not a Word document. are you SURE this is a Word document? what is the extension of the file (last 3 letters after the dot)?

    if your file associations are broken, try right-clicking the file and choosing Open With, then select Word from the list. if that fixes it, go back and set your default open with to be word for those files types.

    if that DIDN'T fix it, and it doesn't open properly with Word, then that is NOT a Word doc, and you are confused.

    also, autosave does NOT put files in Documents by default. it puts files that are auto saved in Temporary location on the computer, and prompts you to save them on next startup of Word, IF they were actually saved...

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