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Electric receptacles shorting?

I have 2 receptacles that are 12 feet apart.  Every time I plug something on any one, breaker trips.  Other receptacles have no problem with the same appliance.  I have replaced both twice with no luck.  Any ideas? 

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    wiring to the outlets needs to be detected and possibly replaced. various things happen, including rodents chewing the wires

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    Two conditions could exist. 1. The current being drawn exceeds the maximum allowed by the circuit breaker or 2. The circuit breaker is defective and needs replaced. Make sure the breaker is properly seated and the mounting screw is tight. Loose connections can cause an unwanted heating effect at the friction point. Going further, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pull both outlets and inspect for tight connections as friction points can exist where wires attach. Back each screw off 1/2 turn and re-tighten. Copper is a soft metal and has a tendency to flatten out over time. Wires exposed to oxygen can also form a thin veneer of oxidation as well. Inspect the wires to be sure the insulation goes all the way up to the attaching screws and nothing is touching the mounting box. Outlets should not be loose and shifting around inside the box when plugging/unplugging cords. Do a search on "how to replace an outlet".

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    If the item you're plugging in has no problems and you didn't see problems in the junction box, then the problem may just be the breaker.  Yes, they do go bad.

    DIY Test: Turn off main power. Take the wire(s) from the breaker that keeps popping and put them into another breaker of the same size (Amps wise).  (Remove whatever is currently plugged into that breaker.) turn on power and plug in items as before.  If the 2nd breaker pops, then it may be the wiring.  If the 2nd breaker does not pop, then you know it's the original breaker.  (Don't forget to turn off the main power and return all wires to their original breakers!) 

    I had this same problem with a wire that went out to my shed.  I had to put in a whole new wire, because the dang thing popped every breaker I tested with.  Good Luck! 

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    I was going to say the cord on the receptacle as they usually break right behind the plastic head. It is not the receptacle either. Maybe flex that cord when you have it plugged in the "other and see if you hear something sizzle inside the wire. Then it is broken internally and just was in that position to short out.

    Use a different appliance and see if it do it too.

    You are narrowing it down to the 1 thing that it is.

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    maybe you should get a mechanic to check it out

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     get an outlet tester to make sure they are wired correctly. 

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