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What the hell does supply and demand stand for in meaning?

Every single time I ask how come overweight or obese women are the easiest to get attention from and not the prettiest and hottest girls and mostly the common response i get is the law of supply and demand it's not true this so called demand and supply is more of a shady ploy from today's amateurs who use this to get away with it and that's why the prettiest and hottest girls are becoming rare out of sight and money lust etc etc is another factor but mostly this little shady law of supply and demand is the issue and i don't follow these laws because i believe that me or anyone else who's in the same situation as me feel that we have the right to choose what we want without strings attached or discrimination just because some of us are poor and humble with open interest without fear or fear of being rejected anyone else struggled with the same situation and shares the same opinion? Note this is not a rant these are details describing my question

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  • 10 months ago

    jakes on u, im an octopus man bro

  • Bobo
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    10 months ago

    Regarding your last "sentence"--your post is an incredibly self-centered rant.  You complain that the response to your inability to attract a good-looking girl is rooted in "supply and demand" theory.  You have to know that just like you, she gets choose who she gives attention to and your appearance makes a difference.  Get over yourself.  Supply and demand has nothing to do with your inability to attract a good-looking female.  Build up some character, workout, and make something of yourself if you want to attract a desirable woman.

  • Nom
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    10 months ago

    its hypergamy look it up

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Bro. Girls have nothing to do with supply and demand. They describe markets and goods and services. If you're talking about the supply of beautiful girls vs the demand for them, then I'll say go date someone who actually loves you and not just because she's beautiful.

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