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Cheated on an Exam. Need advice?

Hi, I’d like to preface this with that if you’re going to say something mean or derogatory save it. Any horrible thing you can think of I’ve already said to myself. So, here’s what happened. My professor caught me cheating on and exam. He said he wasn’t going to report me because in the long run I’m only hurting myself. Which is a huge, huge kindness I did not deserve. He said to be careful and consider it a wake up call because the student that reported me said she tried to report me in another class and the professor didn’t believe her because she never saw. However, in the class I’m in it’s physics so it has a lab attached. I recently turned in a lab report and the Turnitin score was 38%. At first, I panicked but after talking to kids in the class they also had high scores one at 45%. I wouldn’t be as worried as I am except that I just got caught cheating in class and I did use a paper from someone I know that took the class. I didn’t copy it word for word. just used it to make sure mine had the right discussion. Most of the things that were flagged were my hypothesis, materials and methods, and titles which are the same for everyone. I know how I sound. 

Im just wondering what you think will happen to me? Do you think the lab report will go unnoticed. Its graded by a TA so unless the professor disclosed that I was caught I don’t think the TA will know. C

an I still apply for a masters if I am caught 

is my life ruined? Is any of this is worth it, should I just give up.

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