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Can't connect to Xfinity wifi?

When I try to connect it my laptop is just says "can't connect to this network." It's not even directing me to sign in, the same thing with XFINITY. On my phone, it will try to connect but then nothing happens. Note I'm testing my own Xfinity wifi, I've tried to forget my device both on the devices and on my account. I've restarted both my devices and still the same thing. Family is coming in and I'm a heavy gamer and trying out cloud gaming, I don't want my data to go over which is why I enabled Xfinity Wifi on my router since they already got their own accounts. Any thoughts?


Also, no other devices are connected when I look at connected devices on the Xfinity Wifi page ( and I know I've got the only Xfinity Wifi enabled on my area since none showed up before I enabled it.

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    maybe u got a biger problem then gaming budy i recomend u get out and get a good hoby. i used to be into gaming till my dad taned my hide bad and threw the xbox down the chute smashing it to pieces. now i am printer engineer after a bit of hard work and i got a dog called dorton (coon honde) and a gun iu shoot the barn cats with. thanks and god bless

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