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what is the best jacket for Motorcycle riders?

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  • Fred
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    10 months ago

    That  would upon depend upon several different variables.

    The first and perhaps largest would be your personal temperatures you ride in from above 100 F to well below 32 F.

    The next largest would be bike format. What is acceptable in an upright riding position is totally dysfunctional in sport bike riding in cold weather.

    Somewhere following that is what amount of protection you feel comfortable wearing and what amount of discomfort you allow  against protection level offered.

    Cost .. How much you want to pay?  Why that comes in at a personal variable is a mystery to me?  A rider can buy a complete full suit of the best gear on the market for the cost of getting a pig skin graft on a single elbow!    

    Then finally there is a choice of style.  Why this comes in last, when in display it comes up on the top of the list?  Maybe it's my choice level?

    I … Will not wear any jacket that is not CE rated!!!  I will not ride without a CE rated Jacket!  I have 5 different textile jackets in my closet.  Why I bought the 30F jacket remains somewhat of a mystery... but I have worn it!  I feel like the 'stay puffed man' in it!  Full double front zippers, Velcro  attached fold over wind flaps over the outside zipper. Full Mandarin collar that Velcro laches closed!  I prefer  outer TPE armored elbow, shoulder, spine, hip, tailbone, knee, and boots.  TPE against asphalt has more abrasion résistance than steel!  Don't believe it? Take some TPE against a bench grinder!

    The other 4 jackets lighten up to a warm weather Jacket with a polo collar... open  mesh textile with TPE armor.  I have used it in 107 F with a Kevlar suit under it and it's fine; just be prepared to remove it like a fire drill when you stop moving!  … I see ever motorcyclist I meet in T-shirts and just smile!  

    Buy the different outer thermal design jackets all from the same manufacturer and you can zip in thermal and rain liners for all combinations of expected  weather conditions into each individual outer  jacket!       

    Source(s): So Far... All the expense and discomfort has proveded no needed beneficial use. It waits for tommorrow!
  • adam
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    10 months ago

    I live in Phoenix. Summer? 110 to 115 degrees? Im wearing a white tee shirt with my MC colors printed on back or just my cut. To hot for a jacket. Winter ? Standard ol skool leather . Thats just me though. Best? There are jackets that are vented . even kevlar in them.

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  • 10 months ago

    Tight and heavy.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I have 4 Jackets

    1 Full leather with leather pants for Touring in the winter

    2 full leather 50 style for local riding

    3 a bellsatff for wet weather

    and a waistcoat for local shopping

    Get only Quality with removable armour until you are more experienced

    and if you feel the cold a bout 4 layers of newspaper Under the Leather Jacket will solve that

    when i was in Scotland i had a set of chaps made to keep the Ice and snow off my legs

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  • 10 months ago

    classic is horsehide motorcycle jacket, next is the bullhide jacket, then comes the goatskin, suedes from split cowhide , finally is pigskin then the nylon abrasion resistant sometimes with Kevlar. English have had the heavy waxed cotton Barbours for many years . 

  • 10 months ago

    Hot weather? Cold weather?  Wet weather? Dry weather?

  • Peter
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    10 months ago

    The one that fits.

  • 10 months ago

    A windproof jacket.

  • Tim D
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    10 months ago

    One that is waterproof, armoured on shoulders, elbows and spine (not just padded), windproof, removable liner, zipped vents for warm weather, waterproof pockets.

  • Scott
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    10 months ago

    Depends on climate and riding style. Not enough info to give you an answer.

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