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Why do parents complain about what they're kids watch ? ?

Can't you just let your kid watch tv without complaining about what show they watch it was never like that when I was a kid I could watch anything I wanted without my parents complaining if they did that that would drive me insane. Same with my wife her parents never complained about the shows she watched. It seems like anymore people complain about Nick Jr shows or PBS shows kids can't seem to watch anything. I'm surprised no ones complained about Frozen or South Park yet. I seen it online with this kid Ryan from Ryan's Mystery Play date it seems like parents hate him I don't don't make fun of me but I actually like that show. I don't know what's the parents deals are with him. When I was a kid there was a message board online that had parents complaining about every kid show from that century whoever started it must have been on drugs or stupid teen parent. They complained about everything from Sesame Street to Franklin The Turtle to Angelina Ballerina those are my childhood shows I didn't like it when people were complaining about them. I was probably around 9 or 10 when I found that message board it hurt me because I was still watching those shows at the time now my daughter watches them I don't complain. I'm 22 I still watch my favorite childhood shows like that same with my wife. Why do parents complain about what the kids watch anymore ? Also what's wrong with Ryan ? 

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    Parents feel it's very important that their kids "think" the way the parents feel the kids should be thinking. Whether a child watches one kind of entertainment or another, really tells a lot about how the child is "thinking" and what the child's values are.

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    Well for one if the shows are really that annoying ( which most shows for preschool age kids are annoying) then the parents should simply be limiting how much tv their kids are watching so that they don't get too annoyed. For example they could always try limiting TV time to 2 hours and suggest that their kids do a different activity such as doing something active in the backyard with their parents or reading a book. However I wouldn't turn the channel to shows like Caillou for example because that show is annoying even for a show aimed at preschool aged children.

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    Parents should grow a set and either put a blocker on the TV to block certain shows and channels or monitor what their kids watch

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    You complain over and over here about what your pretend sister watches or your pretend wife. No different than what you're complaining about now. Do get help for your MPD, please.

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    The bigger question is why do you let the opinion of a bunch of random strangers upset you? It’s your child, YOU make the decisions.

    I think a lot of the problem honestly is that some parents now expect every TV show to be super educational instead of just entertaining. There’s nothing wrong with turning your brain off and zoning out in front of the TV sometimes. Not all the time obviously, but sometimes.

    As for that Ryan kid, I’ll be totally honest, I don’t get the appeal at all. BUT my job as a parent isn’t to be entertained by my daughter’s TV choices. It’s wholesome and she loves it, so she watches it.

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