My emails keep automatically going into trash within a short time?

My emails come into my inbox as they should, but then they've started deleting themselves and moving into the trash folder fairly shortly afterwards. It doesn't matter if they've been read or not they all move within a short time. I've checked all the settings and there are no filters set up to divert the mail. 

Can anyone help as I can't find a solution to the problem?

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  • 2 months ago
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    It is possible someone else has access to your Yahoo Mail account and is deleting your messages. But this problem is often encountered by people who access Yahoo Mail using a mobile app or a third party program like Thunderbird, Outlook or Mac Mail. In these cases the issue lies with your email server and not Yahoo Mail. You will need to contact their customer service for assistance.

    • Peter2 months agoReport

      Hi Night Terror, I've checked my emails through Yahoo mail on my laptop and also through Outlook, the same also happens on my phone. All my emails end up in the deleted folder. I'll try changing my password and see if that works, Thanks for your help

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  • Sharon
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    2 months ago

    Glitch but recheck your filters. Check your mail filters if your mail is going to the trash or other folders:

    • Peter2 months agoReport

      Thanks Sharon, But there aren't any filters set up and I've checked my email account settings and they are all OK. I can send and receive but my incoming emails only stay in my inbox for a short time and then delete themselves.

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