Landlord issues ?

I rent a house from a private landlord and im having issues but one in particular i need advice on.

The water bill is in his name, he will not allow me to put it in my name. The agreement we had was that he would drop it off at my house when he receives it once every 3 months. No problem right? He gives me the bill 2 days before its due and when i called the water company they told me it was mailed out on october was December 6th when i got it which im not at all ok with i live paycheck to paycheck and need time to budget my bills Especially one that high

My second issue is that  we moved in 08/01 the bill is from 7/19-10/18 13 days of that bill i was not at the house yet we didnt even sign a lease until 7/26/19 ON TOP OF THAT the was a 55$ past due on the bill from the previous water bill and that was when the previous tennant lived in the house and i told my landlord i feel like he should pay the 55$ past due charge as well as a small portion for the 13 days before we moved in and when i told him the ammount i felt he should pay and why and showed him all the math he said he wasnt paying any of it and that it was my bill now and when i asked him to drop the bill off when he gets it and not 2 days before the due date or at least text me and tell me how much it is if he doesnt have time to come drop it off just so i can plan and budget for it he told me he as long as it gets to me before its due he hasnt done anything wrong and told me i was being difficult. 


I live in ohio

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    He's an abusive jerk and you are absolutely right.  Do not pay for the 13 days before you moved in.  Figure out the daily amount and just pay for the days that month that you lived there.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to pay HIS late fee for what was not paid on time prior to when you lived there.  Tell him that if he can't drop it off earlier, to email it to you or send the bill by text.  You don't care "how" you get it but two days before gives you only one day to pay and may not even allow for processing.  Tell him that if he does not get it to you at least one full week before it is due, then he will have to pay any late fee.  Also, your financial difficulties are your problem, not his.  Your reasoning is unreasonable.  However, his dropping it off only two days before it is due is unreasonable, so stick to that as the issue.

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    Nicole, you can do whatever you want with your life. I clearly said below you are going to have to learn how manage your own life. I could try to give you some advice, but you don't have to take it.


    OP well you're going to have to learn how to mange your own life instead of wasting your time on yahoo answers reading answers given by ignorant children who have not lived life like myself. I have read what a lot of people said on yahoo answers. This forum may help you like it did with me, but I think the odds would probably be stacked up against you.

    I think teenagers are allowed to participate on this forum, and I was once a teenager like them a long time ago. I am no longer a teenager. The answers that you receive may come from teenagers, or adults.


    I am not interested in speaking with you, so go away SimplytheFACTS.


    Simplythefacts stfu. I don't have anything to say to you.

    Anyway OP just listen to me. Please ignore everyone else who posts something on this forum.

    Please carefully read word per word what I wrote below.

    I think it's more like tenant issues.

    A tenant who DOES NOT own ANYTHING then does not have any say regarding the bigger bills. If you were to buy your own home then you can have the option of paying, for the bigger bills such as the water bill, and electric bill.

    Currently I don't own my own home, so I can't take those bills, and pay, for it. However I am saving my money, so hopefully someday I can buy my own home, and at that point is when I can pay, for the water bill, and electric bill, and I might be paying, for other stuff too.

    I think you are confused about whose house you are living in. Just because you are renting a house doesn't make it your house. You don't own the house, so it's not your house!!!

    What I don't understand is if the water bill is in your landlord's name then why are you calling the water company. I assume you already know how much money you are paying rent. If you have a lease, for renting the house you are living in then what you owe should be on your lease, and if you don't have a lease, or what you owe is not on a lease then I don't know why someone is renting their house to you.

    When someone moves in into a new home, he, or she should be starting from scratch. What I am trying to say is you should be charged, for what you use, and not, for what someone else used.

    You don't have to pay anything that is not in your name, and that is not agreed upon in writing.

    You said you live pay check to pay check. I think if you really wanted to then you could move into a 1 bedroom in a house. The rest of the money that you have should be saved up.

    In about 1 year I saved up around ten thousand dollars, and I was living in a one bedroom in someone's house, and it was all inclusive. Currently I am living in a basement in someone else's house, and I am still saving money.

    Lastly I think if you were to live in a 1 bedroom in a house then you should be able to save a lot of money. If you were to live in a basement like me then you should still be able to save, but I think you would be able to save less money than renting a 1 bedroom.

    There is a difference between what I was paying, for to rent the 1 bedroom, and basement. It's only $25 dollars difference.

    I was paying $475, for the 1 bedroom, and now I am paying $500 to rent an entire basement.

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    hey ACE, you know the  bill will be coming and should be budgeting all along.  you should have an estimate of how much it will be based on past usage.

    and if you are so hard up, why are you renting a HOUSE, an apartment will be cheaper.

    they won't turn the water off right have time to get the money together.

    why does he need to drop it off?  he can text you a picture, he can mail you a copy.

    you can try deducting what you don't owe from rent....likely  by taking the landlord to court. and getting a court order to do so.

    if you just pay what you owe, the water bill won't get paid in full and another late charge will be added that you will have to fight over.

  • 8 months ago

    Just pay the portion that you owe and tell him this is what you are paying. I'd also ask him to call the water company (you can't do this since the bill isn't in your name) and have him ask the water company to mail copies of the bill to him and to you - the water company should have no problem with this.

    FYI, water companies are very slow to turn off water because they almost always get paid eventually even the late fees but if they do turn it off you should be plenty of notice (or at least he should).  Also the water company frequently is the one that wants to keep the bill in the landlords name (its his responsibility not the tenants, even if they are the ones paying for it) but mailing a copy of the bill to you should not be a problem.

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    8 months ago

    I don't understand the problem here you said you were able to call the water company so what prevents you from calling the water company every month at the end of the month and saying how much money do I owe you? You don't have to wait till the landlord gives you the bill. Send money can the water company go to the city hall and say here is my money your landlord cannot stop you from doing that. If your landlord won't accept that tell him to go to hell and move out.

  • 8 months ago

    The water bill goes to the person who OWNS the house, it's not the same as the electric and gas bill.

    If you're having issues with him being late, understand that on each of the water bills it has the DATE it's being sent out, mark that date on the calendar and ask in advance for it when it's time the water company sends them out.

    You KNOW it's coming due every 3 months, plan for it.

  • 8 months ago

    I think it depends on what the lease says.  Does it say "tenant shall reimburse landlord" or something like "tenant shall be responsible."  With the former he cannot wait for you to reimburse him.  He must pay the bill in a timely manner and if the water is shut off then that's constructive eviction and illegal.

  • Kelly
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    8 months ago

    Does your lease cover when he will show you the bill or give you a copy of it?  Essentially, did you get any of that in writing?

    Also, are you able to look up the bill on your own?  The city I'm in anyone can look at a water bill or look at an estimate of previous bills at an address.

    I actually understand (as a landlord myself) him wanting the bill in his name.  It can be harder to get the bill out of a previous tenants name, especially if they owe a balance and a bitter tenant can have the water turned off (if the water is in their name).

    He clearly could handle this better but really this is a bill you knew would be coming, regardless of when it was due.  You could have set some aside for it.  Myself for items that are in my name, but the tenant pays I have it in the lease when I will give them a copy of it but most I just add it to their rent (meaning its including in their rent).

  • Bob
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    8 months ago

    Talk to a lawyer. Do not seek legal advice on Y!A.

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    Legally if the bill is in his name he is required to pay it.

    Either he bundles it with the rent or he removes his name from the water bill.

    If the water gets shut off (be cause he has not paid the water bill) that is highly illegal and grounds to sue or cancel the lease.

    Talk to a local lawyer for more detailed answers.

    any past due amount on the bill should be withheld from the rent, if he complains tell him to remove his name from the water bill.

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