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Girlfriend was excluded from inheritance... I'm so sad for her what do we do?

She lost her 10k $ her aunt left to her. She left the same amount to all her 8 nephews. She was excluded thanks to a lawyer in her country who was hired by her cousin, who was always spoiled and lived a preppy easy life in his country, while my poor girlfriend was forced to emigrate due to financial problems. He's always richer, she's always more sad and depressed. With those money she could have done many things. But no... her cousin had to. What can I do for her? 

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    8 months ago
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    Wdym? Theres nothing you can do. I guess just try not to wallow on the past

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    In the off chance that you aren't just trolling, I would get some violent friends together and go 'convince' the cousin to come up off of $10K (maybe more, just on principle).

    After he pays up, I would do some additional 'convincing' (especially to the head/face area) to make sure he doesn't make the mistake of thinking he can come back for revenge later.

  • 8 months ago

    I guess you can give her ten thousand dollars?

    When my mother passed away, my sister took everything, even what i was supposed to inherit. Ok well, good for her. I can't miss what i never had. And i am not a rich person, but if my sister (who makes over $30 an hour) thinks she needs my inheritance, then she can have it. I'm not going to argue over money. I am fortunate that i have the ability to earn my own money and i do the best i can.

  • Layne
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    8 months ago

    It seems as if you were counting on this money as she did.

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  • Ana
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    8 months ago

    $10,000 is nothing. I make that in like 3 sales. What can you do? Stop whining about being poor, stop thinking like a loser, and work hard and smart to get a high paying job. Get into sales, own your own remodeling biz, become a lawyer yourself, do something actually profitable

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