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Could he start to like me again?! ?

So I’ve been reconnecting with my ex over the past couple of weeks. We’ve talked since we broke up which was almost 2 months ago and we’ve met up and kissed since then. We started talking this time because I sent a happy Thanksgiving pic to everyone and he opened it and texted it back later and I asked how he was doing then we’ve been talking ever since.he recently told me he just wanted something casual and didn’t really wanna go back to the relationship and then I told him I didn’t really have feelings anymore so we could do something casual.He’s a slow texter but it’s weird bc sometimes he’d do that when we dated but claimed he really liked me and needed me but even now that we’re broken up he still try’s to keep the convo going. It’s confusing. The other day we were talking about spring break and he was like “yeah I’m going to Miami” and I was like “for the girls?” And he was like “definitely for the girls ” but I just dk who would say that to someone they’re trying to hookup with and these past couple of days have been awkward bc we’ve both been talking about our types and he teased me for liking older men 

    A month ago i met a guy from the bar and he asked me out and I didn’t wanna kiss him bc he smelled like weed and he was like “did I smell good when you kissed me?” I don't know is there ANY chance he still likes me or this could work out again in the end? How do I spark all those feelings up again?

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    So you do actually want a relationship and are just settling for whatever he wants. I think you are going to get your heart broken.

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    Again,  he got what he wanted and therefore he felt that he was not ready to get together on a permanent basis.  I may be wrong but probably not.

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