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What would make you block someone that you claim to love? Read the details first please.?

I was dating this girl for about 3 months. Apparently I was the first guy she ever felt strongly about and saw a future with. Before we got in a relationship we knew she'd move. We still talked for 3 months after she left. I ended up telling her that we needed a break but that I still loved her. I had just started a really great job (just started my career) so I was always busy and had a hard time finding time to always text or call her. That was the main reason. We still talked though and I always tried to talk to her every day or every other day. About over a month after that initial month she all of a sudden blocked me after I told her that I missed her and if she was ok. She saw that message and then blocked me. She didn't even say goodbye; not one word. She's also not the type of person to act like that either though. 

Anyway, I know this sounds like a jumbled mess and there are more details but I'd just like anyone's opinion. What would make you personally want to destroy contact with someone that you claimed to be in love with? Again, I'm the first guy she saw a future with, the first guy her parent's loved, the best guy in her eyes... what would make you want to block him? I'm just trying to understand her point of view. We also never actually broke up. I mainly just wanted a break because I seriously couldn't give her a bunch of attention anymore but I still loved her and we still talked almost every day. 


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    She found someone who would text her every hour. You dodged a bullet. If she would cut you off like that she is capable of almost anything.

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    She’s seeing some other guy, sorry bro. She a hoe, move on to the next girl

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    She may have also been seeing this as a chance for both of you to move on.  No regrets.

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    Ok, I'll be honest about my first reaction to what I have read. In the first place, you wrote that she moved away but you were still communicating with her until you started your career then you told her you thought you should take a break. Is this correct so far? Since I don't know the specifics of this new job all I can say is that you pretty much said that your job was more of a priority than she was. At least that is the way she took it I think. It is also very possible that she was being pursued by a guy where she moved to. If that was the case she may have decided then and there to go with what she could that was actually meeting her emotional needs. Be honest, if she was your sister or even just a friend wouldn't that be the advice you would have given her? I know I would have. There is no point pondering this anymore. It is what it is. If I were you I would just accept it and move on with your life. If you don't it is going to affect you far more than what you were concerned about when you told her you needed a break. Face it, you screwed up. No sense in beating yourself up. Just learn from it.

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