Does my dad have rights?

I’m 17 and pregnant. The father of my baby is supportive. I’m only 1 month pregnant and I do not believe in abortion or adoption. I have many supportive family members. However, my dad is very controlling. I live in KY, but I can’t find answers anywhere for the question I have. Can my dad legally keep me at his house? Am I able to stay elsewhere due to being pregnant? Is it possible for me to get emancipated? If so, how? 

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  • Jason
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    1 month ago

    You are right by choosing not to lose the gift of life which many people in the world do not have but you have, do not go with the abortion, it is a LIFELONG REGRET, you will realize what I am saying today when you see the smile of your little one

    Good Luck!!!

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  • LizB
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    2 months ago

    Emancipation is a long process with a list of requirements (usually including that you no longer live in a parent's home), so chances are you'll turn 18 before you could manage to get legally emancipated.

    And yes, your father CAN keep you at home if he chooses... to an extent. He can't refuse to take you to prenatal visits, because denying necessary medical care to your minor child is negligence. But if he otherwise tells you you're grounded and not allowed to go anywhere other than work or school until the baby is born, he can do that. Parents can discipline how they see fit, as long as it's not negligent or abusive to the minor child.

    Now, if your parents *agree* to let you stay elsewhere (ie, your grandparents') because they don't want to deal with a pregnant teenager, then that's absolutely possible. But it's unlikely to be a legal matter, unless another relative is granted guardianship. If you're thinking you want to go live with your boyfriend, then that's unlikely to happen without parental cooperation, either,

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  • 2 months ago

    You're technically not at the legal age of consent in Kentucky. In your State, you can't be legally emancipated except with the signature of your parents:

    Although there's no law specifying emancipation procedures in Kentucky, it's still possible to become emancipated before 18. This can happen any of the following ways: Marriage – A child can marry before 18 and be considered a legal adult, this requires parental consent or a court order granting the marriage license.

    You're free to do whatever you want when you're 18

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  • 2 months ago

    You are one month pregnant so you found out yesterday and already your whole family is involved. Interesting

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  • 2 months ago

    Emancipation is possible but be aware that you will not qualify for any government benefits.

    You will have to pay rent for your own apartment (no roommate).

    You will have to support yourself fully.

    You will have to remain in school (if you have not already graduated).

    You can ask at your local Social Services, but you should also be aware that they will do their best to get you to give up the child, and may resort to legal force.

    Your dad keeping you in the house may be the best thing for you.

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