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How should I handle being humiliated by a rumor at work?

A girl who I stopped dealing with apparently told people at work (big warehouse) that while her and I were messing around that I came in my pants and all that junk. The “news” spread like wildfire (various people told me) and it has put some damage on my reputation. When I thought she only said that mess to a few people (like her two female coworker friends), I told her on the phone before I stopped dealing with her that I thought what she did was messed up, but now that I know the extent of the damage, I feel like I didn’t say what needed to be said to her strong enough. So what am I supposed to do now, whether handling it professionally or otherwise, and what am I supposed to say if I’m in a disagreement with an enemy at work and they bring that up?

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    So did you? Now we want to know.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Pray to GOD for the best answer.

    Would the head boss be one that if you spoke to him, would order the rumors stopped? He could check you really out. Prove the lies,  

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    10 months ago

    Just ignore it and learn from your mistakes. That is, getting involved on that level with another employee. There isn't anything you can say to her that will change what has happened already so I would just avoid her altogether. If you don't it may cause her to make up things that people will believe as well. You are talking about a female that has sh!t for the character. Don't put anything past her.

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